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1968/1969 Audio Gallery

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7 Last Words Vinyl

Seven Last Words of Christ, Vinyl Record
Recorded Spring 1969

1. Introduction (Solo: Bonnie James)
2. First Word (Solos: Doug Parsons, Baritone; Larry Reininga, Tenor)
3, Second Word (Solos: Larry Reininga, Tenor; Peter Miller, Baritone)
4. Third Word (Solos: Tom Duckworth, Baritone; Bonnie James, Soprano; Larry Reininga, Tenor; Connie Duckworth, Soprano)
5. Fourth Word (Solo: Tom Duckworth, Baritone)
6. Fifth Word (Solos:Tom Duckworth, Baritone; Greg German, Tenor)
7. Sixth Word (Guest Soloist: Richard Lovin, Tenor)
8. Seventh Word & Postlude (Solos: Bonnie James, Tom Duckworth, Sandy Leiter, Dorothy Powers)







1969 Contest

Contest Prep Classroom Rehearsal, 1969

1. Every Time I Feel the Spirit (Soloist: Tom Duckworth)
2. Lirum, Lirum
3. Sholeen
4. May Day Carol
5. I Heard a Forest Praying
6. Coney Island Babe
7. Ol Man River (Pete Miller)
8. I Wonder As I Wander (JeffBush)
9. Sylvalin (Larry Reininga)
10. Come Unto Him (Bonnie James)
11. My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair (Barb Holloway)
12. Every Time I Feel the Spirit (Soloist: Pete Miller)



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