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Open House 1973

Open House Concert
October 25, 1973

1. Glory Be to God

2, Hallelujah

3. Rock-a-My Soul

4. American Dialogue

5. Selections from Godspell

6. Thank You



Christmas Concert 1973

Christmas Concert
December 19, 1973
(See Photo Gallery for complete printed program)

1. Pastores a Belen - CHS Orchestra

2. O Little Town of Bethlehem - CHS Orchestra

3. Overture from The Messiah - CHS Orchestra

4. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

5. The March of the Wise Men

6. Gloria

7. O Magnum Mysterium

8. Honor & Glory

9. Lirum Lirum (A Christmas Song)

10. He Shall Feed His Flock (Judi Larson, soloist)

11. Hallelujah Chorus

12. Carol of the Bells

13. Still, Still, Still

14. Monotone Angel
(James Wack, soloist)

15. Santa, the Happy Wanderer

16. A Christmas Wish

17. A Medley of Christmas Carols

18. A Song for Christmas

19. Christmas Fever

20. Holiday Blessing


Good Friday Program

Good Friday Assembly Program
April 12, 1974*

Accompianists: Karol DeVoe, Cathy Lowe and
Janet DelVechio

1. Be Joyful, Be Joyful

2. Precious Lord, Take My Hand

3. Trilogy on Love

4. Song of Daniel

5. Rock-a-My Soul

6. Fields of Joy (Ron Gray, guest drummer; Craig Smith, guitar; Tim Bonadies, bass guitar)

7, Selections from Godspell (Ron Gray, guest drummer; Craig Smith, guitar; Tim Bonadies, bass guitar)

8. Christ, We Do All Adore Thee
* The source reel-to-reel audio tape was not in good condition and contains numerous bleed-over tracks, which you may notice as sporadic piano and vocal sounds throughout.

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