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1976/1977 Audio Gallery

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Dedication of CHS 1976

Dedication of New CHS
November 14, 1976

1. CHS Band

2. We Thank You Lord

3. Consecrate the Place & Day

4. Hallelujah Chorus


Christmas Concert 1976

Christmas Concert
December 15, 1976
CHS Auditorium

1. The March of the Wise Men

2. Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly LIght

3, Ding Dong Merrily on High

4. O Magnum Mysterium

5. Sing Ye All, Now Rejoice (Jeanette Lovin-flute; Beth Larson, Bruce Allen, Joan Grabowski, Tom Dincolo)

6. Christmas Hymn

7. Go Tell It On the Mountain

8. Carol of the Bells

9. Do You Hear What I Hear?

10. Unto Us Is Born This Day

11. Medley of Christmas Carols

12. Do-Di-Li- Swing Choir

13. Reuben & Rachel at Christmas Time - Swing Choir

14. We Need A little Christmas - Swing Choir


Spring Concert 1977

Spring Concert
May 12, 1977
CHS Auditorium 8:00 PM
*Audio NA

(Note: This audio reel-to-reel tape was in very poor condition and is reflected in the overall sound quality.)

1. Alleluia

2, Now Is the Month of Maying

3. O Eyes of My Beloved

4. Song of the Lark

5. City Lights

6. Alimighty God of Our Fathers

7. Oh, Rocka My Soul

8. The Lonesome Dove

9. Gretchen Pumpernickel

10. Lovers Love the Spring

11. Love Is A Song (Evan Griffith, Barry Greenhut, Richard Lovin, John Kopinski, Jerry Gushwa)

12. I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing

13. *Happy Talk (Debra Kruszewski)

14. *As Long As He Needs Me (Rosemary Adams, Joan Grabowski, Caroline Lowe, JudithTaylor)

15. *Reviewing the Situation (Bruce Allen)

16.* A Short Something

17. *Take Me Along - Swing Choir

18. *That Song Is Driving Me Crazy

19. *Happiness Blues

20. *Theme & Variations

21. *When the Saints Go Marching In (Mike Dincolo, Chris Webb, Debra Kruszewski, Bill Clutter)


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